HEC was Daria's primary choice because of the diversity of its candidates. 


I’m Daria Jacob. I’m part of the September intake. So, I’m part of the class that graduates in 2017. I’m originally Russian but I’ve been living in France for four years and I’m really glad to start the HEC experience.

I came to France to do my PhD, because I did a masters in Biological Studies.  And in France, I worked in Paris at the Pasteur Institute. I did my PhD in Vaccine development. So, I’m actually an academic scientist. And afterwards, I worked for one more year at the same project, with a small team, and I realized that I would like to not only do academic research but also switch to the industrial side, to the pharmaceutical field. And this is why I decided that I absolutely needed an MBA.

HEC happened to be my primary choice. Actually, I simply visited the open doors day, and I realized that this place is for me. I think it differentiates from other MBA programs because it really welcomes people with diverse backgrounds. I felt that I would be much more comfortable studying here than anywhere else.

I’m really interested in working in the pharmaceutical field. Of course, I would like to first gain experience within an established worldwide pharmaceutical company but as I see my place in this field, there should be people with double background who can combine the innovation which is driven from research and make an actual product for the people who need treatments or vaccines or any kind of drugs. Therefore, I think that the ultimate goal of my career would be to have a company of my own, that will be able to determine which products are required, have the right scientific forces to develop them and then to actually deliver them to people.

So, apart from academic courses, we have a great opportunity to grow thanks to all the events and clubs that are happening on campus. And I was really amazed by the variety of clubs. Each one of us can choose a subset of clubs that actually matches our interest. I’m really interested of course in entrepreneurship, and in life sciences. Actually, life sciences club is relatively new, and I think I could possibly also bring something to it, because I come from this field. But in my opinion, the CEO series is something that should be interesting for all of us.  So, it’s probably going to be one of the most popular clubs. And it’s amazing, almost every evening or two evenings, we have some events on campus. Companies come…. something interactive. We’re not able to participate in all of that, because there’s just too many of them.  But we have a great choice and this is really great.

As I said, there are a lot of people in our intake who are not just doing finance or consulting or something that you would expect an MBA student to have as a background. I find it really exciting because we can share. As the Dean presented, we have accumulated 800 years of different experience in class. So, I think people who do not come from classical MBA backgrounds should really consider HEC, because, in a sense, doors are open, and it really depends on the person to be able to get out of the box, see his background or her background from a different point of view and try to integrate it into something new that he/she can be working on in the future. So, I think the MBA program is really customizable here, and for every person interested in MBA, there is a way to make it work.

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Daria Jacob

Daria Jacob

Russian Federation Class of 2017

«We have great opportunities to grow thanks to all the clubs on campus.»

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