Guillaume chose the Part-time MBA option to gain the necessary technical tools to evolve his career as a manager.

“Hi, my name is Guillaume and I’m at HEC as a Part-time MBA student.

I am a managing director of a small company. We are delivering engineering services to the motor-sport industry, so it’s quite specialized.

My main motivation to do the MBA was mainly to acquire some technical skills as a manager, I would say. I’ve evolved from a technical, engineering background to a managing position and now I feel like I’m missing some tools, some technical tools, in for instance accounting, finance, operational management, and even after one semester at HEC Paris, I can already feel that what I’ve learned in all those matters, for instance accounting, operational management, it’s already something that I can use in my work and in my job.

In fact, to negotiate with my boss, to get the opportunity to do this part-time program while keeping my job was not so much a difficulty. What I would say is that I took some time in the first place to really explain what an MBA was. My boss knew for a few years already that I wanted to do an MBA at some point and he was actually quite satisfied when I announced to him that I was going to do an MBA program that was in fact part-time, and that I would only have to be away from work for one week a month instead of quitting my job straight away to focus on a full-time program.

Balancing both studies and work has been challenging, especially in the first month, where you have to adapt to both studies and work, but it’s all about organization. You have to put work aside for one week, it’s very intense. There are a lot of class weeks that are compacted in one week and there is a lot of homework. I would say that the good part about the program is that it leaves us time between those class weeks to really focus on our job."

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Guillaume Le Goff

Guillaume Le Goff

France Class of 2017

«I already feel that what I’ve learned is something that I use in my job.»

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