HEC’s unique 16 month program is the optimum duration for Hermano as there are fewer opportunity costs.


I’m Hermano Nakata. I’m from Sao Paolo Brazil, and I’m a full time MBA, class of 2017.

I decided to do my MBA at HEC, in Europe in particular, for three reasons. First, I lived in France several years ago, and it was a great experience. So I wanted to return to France, and start a professional career here. Second, HEC is the best business school in Europe. It has more than 50,000 alumni, which occupy top positions in the most prestigious companies, and being part of this select group will help me to achieve my professional goals. And third, HEC has a unique 16month program, which in my opinion is the optimum duration because it is not as long as a two year program in the US, where you have bigger opportunity costs. And at the same time, it is not as short as a one year program which is common in Europe, where you don’t have sometimes enough time to develop yourself or to do an internship or a fieldwork project.

I chose the full time MBA because I want to make a career change and the full time MBA will give me more time to develop myself. I can spend a longer time in Europe, to adapt myself here and that’s the reason that I chose the full time MBA.

After the MBA, my main goal is to stay in Europe, probably in France. I want to have an international professional experience here, and I’d love to move through the industry, become one day a global leader in an expanding company. And I want to use all my multicultural skills and also the abilities that I will acquire at the HEC MBA.

So far, my best experience in the MBA was a sailing competition event that I had been in Italy last weekend. I travelled with another 25 current students and alumni from HEC. And this was a great experience. We had an opportunity to use our leadership skills, and I could meet different people from top business schools, and this was my favourite experience at HEC so far.

I joined the consulting club and the marketing club, and in my opinion, the clubs are a good way to learn about a new field, to meet different people, not only people from the school but also professionals who come from the market to talk about their careers here. And clubs are also very good to get new opportunities to be able to change your career. So, at the consulting club for example, we do case cracking sessions which are very useful for interviews and also, they bring speakers to talk about the careers in consulting, and the clubs have been very useful for me.

I’m looking forward for the MBAT. It’s a huge event that HEC organizes for 25 years. I would love to be on the core team who organizes this event. The MBAT is the largest sports event organized by a business school. Schools from all over Europe come here to the campus to play sports, to network and to go to social events and I’m really looking forward to the MBAT.

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Hermano Nakata

Hermano Nakata

Brazil Class of 2017

«Clubs are good for giving new opportunities to be able to change your career.»

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