With strong experience in Finance, Kumari decided to pursue an MBA to gain a global view of business as well as an international perspective.

Kumari A

Previous studies: Management and Finance, Institute for Financial Management and Research

Previous experience:  Associate, Goldman Sachs

What was your motivation to apply for an MBA program?

Having worked predominantly in the finance industry, I wanted to learn and broaden my perspective on other functions like sales & marketing, operations, technology etc. At the same time, I also wanted to develop an international outlook. As a professional who is looking to work on and get involved in international assignments, I believe it becomes paramount to understand how different functions interact and complement each other and how they change in a global context. I think an MBA will help me achieve these.

What led you to choose HEC Paris?

There were multiple reasons behind my decision. Given my educational background and 6 years of experience in the industry, I was looking for a short duration program. Also, HEC seemed the perfect place to help me develop a truly international outlook. The class size here is small but truly diverse, representing more than 30 nationalities, and the average experience of students is close to 5 years. Further, HEC Paris has an outstanding alumni network and is known to be the Alma matter of Europe‚Äôs top executives.  Close proximity to Paris makes the MBA experience more enriching.

What part of the MBA are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to experience both MBAT and the leadership seminar at St. Cyr.

What advice do you have for future applicants?

My main advice to future applicants will be to take time and understand what they are really looking to achieve from an MBA. Each applicant has different career aspirations and personal goals and it is important to clearly reflect on those. Based on this, one should do an extensive research on business schools to identify the right fit. Applying to a business school is a long and time consuming process. I think each step should be carefully thought through and executed.

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Kumari Aminarta

Kumari Aminarta

India Class of 2017

«HEC seemed the perfect place to help me develop a truly international outlook»

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