Martin's main motivation for getting an MBA is to gain the ability to be able to transition from the public sector into the private sector.



Hi, I’m Martin and I’m part of the class of 2017.

So, prior to coming to HEC, I was working at the World Bank. And I was working in their procurement policy department.

My motivation for getting an MBA has built up over the past few years my professional career. I’ve worked mainly so far for the public sector, for governments, for NGOs, but what I saw at the same time was that there was a lot of collaboration with private enterprises, private entities, and I saw that in terms of development, the public sector and the government are really good at facilitating that, but it’s these small large private enterprises that are the ones that actually drive this development. So, my main motivation for getting an MBA is to have the legitimacy myself and also the knowledge to transition from the public sector into the private sector.

I looked at a lot of programs, mainly in the US and here in Europe. But the benefit that I found at HEC is the cultural diversity, the professional diversity that you just don’t find as much of in a lot of the other schools that I looked at. 

So far, my experience has been coming from my career, back to transition and be a student, and I feel that just in the four weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve already learned so much, not just from the classes but also from my fellow students, from the faculty, from the few alumni that have visited so far. We’ve just spent the last week actually starting to sign up for all the initiatives and clubs that they offer here. So, these are going to start kicking off for example, next week, we’re going to be taking part in a climate change program. And so, just having all these opportunities present themselves right at the very beginning of the program, I feel like I’m going to have quite a busy schedule for the next two years.

The main factor that I really find strong here at HEC is the diversity among the students. I came from a job where I was one of the few Americans within my department. So, I really wanted to find a program that allowed me to get out of just my own cultural comfort zone, and my own professional comfort zone. So, just in the first few weeks here, I’ve already had the chance to talk to people who did banking, and who worked as office managers in India, even ones who were lawyers in Denmark. Bringing all that together, from the cultural standpoint and the professional standpoint, I think really increases my own social intelligence and my own perspective on what’s out there, on a range of careers and on a range of geographical locations.

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Martin Sterlicchi

Martin Sterlicchi

United States Of America Class of 2017

«The main factor that I really find strong here at HEC is the diversity.»

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