HEC stood out for Reema because it offers a complete package to do a business education.


"Hi, I’m Reema, I’m part of the September ’15 MBA batch. I grew up in India but I’ve been living in the UK, London, for the last 12 years.  I have been working for Barclays, a commercial bank for the last seven years and I’ve primarily been lending to a portfolio of companies across different sectors.  Just before I joined my MBA, I was lending to a portfolio of quasi government entities for their capital and infra structure development projects.

I think an MBA is a lot about the network you make and the experience you have with your batch mates. I didn’t think that I could accomplish that in a part-time MBA. I wanted to take a gap year and I wanted to spend as much time getting to know my peers from different industries and different nationalities and build relationships with them. So for me, it was always about being on campus and having that full time MBA experience.

I decided to come to HEC because I extended beyond the two primary drivers of a business school, which is brand and location.  I looked at the HEC curriculum,  I looked at the network of HEC alumni and what the program had to offer in terms of electives, specialisations, and the diversity of the intake, MBA intake HEC has year on year. For me, HEC was just a complete package to do a business education and it stood out for me.

I think my favourite highlight has definitely been the Negosim.  It was a three day long simulation where we were actually meant to run a pseudo company. For me, what stood out in Negosim was the interaction that I had with my peers. There were lots of conflicts, lots of arguments and lots of debates but we all carried on that three day Negosim with the objective of improving the value of our company and there were lots of lessons learned along the way. So it definitely was close to a real-time experience of what challenges we could face in the business world out there.  It was definitely my highlight.

For someone who wants to do an MBA, firstly, just go for it and don’t think twice.  It’s an experience that will add value to your life in the long run. And the advice that I would give when you’re selecting your business schools is research your business school well. An MBA is what you make of it when you’re in the school. Ultimately, your business school is a relationship with you. You have to take from the business school as much as you contribute. So, it’s very important that you gel with the culture of the business school."

 Reema has also written about her MBA experience on Real Business.

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Reema Arya

Reema Arya

United Kingdom Class of 2017

«My favourite highlight has definitely been the Negosim.»

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