Veronica presents some of the reasons why it is best to have diversity in an MBA program.


I studied Economics in university and then I moved on to working in consumer and market knowledge in Proctor & Gamble for five years. And it was very interrelated, since I see Economics as a discipline that combines both numbers and getting to know people. So, then in P&G, that’s basically what I was doing, using numbers to get to know the consumer. So, I actually have been following this trend for all of my career.

For me, ‘Act Your Success’ has been one of the highlights of these past three weeks. It was so different from anything I’ve done before. Of course, we’ve all had probably writing skills presentations, business presentations and workshops. But really, this combined business presentation, writing skills and then theatre improvisation, which was completely new for me. First of all, the writing skills was not targeted to business writing per say, rather than how to network, which is one of the main things we come to the MBA for. So, they really taught you how to approach other people, how to get to know them. And then theatre improvisation, which might sound something completely unrelated to business, they relate it totally. You start doing improvisation and you understand that it’s about listening to others and working as a team, letting go of some constraints you might have when presenting, and you do all this while having fun. So, at the end, you start to see how doing a theatre improvisation workshop, can help you to be a better business leader afterwards.

I think one of the main reasons I chose it’s one of the things that I’m most looking forward to is all the leadership development parts of the program. CEO Speaker Series, I already did Act Your Success, so now the St Cyr seminar. This for me will be one of the highlights of the program, just getting to know yourself, getting to know yourself as a leader within a team. So, I’m really looking forward to this weekend where we will have to learn how to make decisions when in pressure. And I think that will give us a lot at the end of the program, all these leadership development tools.

So I think my one advice for people that are looking to do an MBA is not only to focus on the academic part of programs, because there are many good programs out there, but also focus on the people that are going to go to those programs. For example, here at HEC, we have an extreme diversity of people and that’s what will give you at the end the extra mile of the MBA you’re looking for. So, at the end, not just focus on academics and great teachers, but also who is going there. Do you have a great diversity in the class you will be within. So, for me, I think that will be for me the most important part when looking to do an MBA.

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Veronica Tisera

Veronica Tisera

Venezuela Class of 2017

«'Act Your Success' has been one of my highlights.»

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