The dodgeball team celebrates victory

Renowned as the MBA Olympics, the MBAT is the largest gathering of MBA students in Europe. As a member of the MBAT's organizational team, you take on the immense responsibility of overseeing a three-day, multisport competition for 1,500 participants from 15 leading international business schools. 

Students are entirely in charge of the tournament, from its fundraising and marketing to its smallest operational details. As an organizer, you will have a unique opportunity to manage a large-scale project with your fellow MBA participants from around the world. You will also have the opportunity to network with other MBA students from all corners of the globe. 

"For the organizational team, the MBAT ultimately symbolizes a leadership challenge which tests their ability to manage many different tasks and people simultaneously in a pressure-cooker environment." Chris McEvoy - Class of 2016

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2017 MBA Tournament

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MBAT Cheerleaders
MBAT Esade cheer
MBAT cheerleaders- HEC Paris MBA