Building a bridge is one of the leadership exercises performed at the Off-Campus Leadership Seminar at Saint Cyr

The entire HEC Paris MBA class participates in a two-day Off-Campus Leadership Seminar at Saint-Cyr. This annual seminar is specifically designed to improve your team-leadership skills through a series of increasingly difficult tasks supervised by leadership experts. 

The Off-Campus Leadership Seminar’s physical and mental challenges teach you how to work efficiently outside of your comfort zone. Every student has the opportunity to lead a team of ten classmates and complete a demanding project in an unusual context, such as building a bridge to cross a river or getting all your teammates over a high wall. You will put your decision-making and leadership skills to the test, far removed from the classroom environment.

During the two-day seminar, you learn how to leverage the strength of your team to accomplish a common goal. 

Group by Tree
Group in simulation
Group with notebooks