TEC on Campus

The Executive Committee On-Campus Program (TEC) is one of the most rewarding personal-development programs within the HEC Paris MBA. It is the student version of the Executive Development TEC Program, which has provided business-leadership coaching to over 20,000 executives throughout the world since its inception in 1968.

TEC is open to groups of 12 MBA participants (one or two groups, depending on the intake), who come together in a confidential environment to reflect on their personal and professional lives, their paths leading to the HEC Paris MBA, and their personal growth objectives for the future.

This reflection process is guided by meetings with executive managers, individual monthly sessions with Bernard Bismuth (TEC Program Chair) or Thierry Voiriot, and by intimate group discussions with fellow participants.

The key focus of TEC is to learn to balance your professional and personal life, to define and live by your personal values, and to ultimately become the best person and the business leader you can be.

TEC is not a professional networking program. While TEC participants and alumni form a close-knit community, the monthly sessions with executive managers and with the program facilitators are moments for contemplation and in-depth, personal exchange rather than student-professional networking events.

As a result, TEC is for MBA students who are willing to actively reflect upon their own successes and failures, who are not afraid to question themselves, and who are ready to open up to others in the TEC community in order to grow personally and professionally. 


Established in the United States in 1957, TEC on Campus came to the HEC Paris MBA under the supervision of Gary Brinderson in 2003.

Program Chair


Cross-Departmental Faculty
Distinguished Affiliate Professor 


Student Insights

"During TEC sessions, you can talk about absolutely anything - no one in the group would ever think of judging you. The executives who are brought in as guest speakers are the same. They are open to answering any question, and are willing to tackle any issue. 

TEC brings a very human touch into the business environment."

- Louis-Philippe Doumier, Class of 2018