“Tomorrow is our business.”

Our mission is to shape the business leaders of tomorrow. We believe future leaders need to develop three core skills: the ability to make sound decisions, the ability to lead and influence people, and the ability to leverage connections within the corporate world.

At HEC Paris MBA, you will:

Improve Your Approach to Decision-Making. The HEC Paris MBA program recently broke into the top fifteen best MBA programs in the 2016 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. To move the HEC Paris MBA into the top 10, we aim to capitalise and expand on some of the key strengths of the program. Some of these key strengths are the curriculum and the length of the program which at 16 months, is shorter than many other programs in Europe, yet simultaneously long enough to ensure that you are able to specialize and switch careers.

In addition, a 16 month long program also gives you the chance to prove to your future employer that you have gained specialized knowledge in the new fields that you have chosen. Our rigorous curriculum gives you greater flexibility, allowing you to choose a specialization and a range of electives that suit your areas of interest for your future career, reinforced by solid core business foundations. You will be part of a highly multicultural student body that works to share, challenge and broaden ideas through a multitude of new perspectives from diverse real-world experiences and backgrounds.

Develop Your Leadership Skills. Leadership is an acquired skill. We aim to increase your ability to be a strategic and influential leader. You will be engaged in an MBA program that replicates present problems and teaches you the necessary problem-solving skills, both in and outside of the classroom. Take for example our annual MBA Tournament (MBAT) with over 1500 MBA participants from other top Business Schools worldwide. Also, the Off-campus Leadership Seminar at Saint-Cyr; a 2-day field exercise carried out under the supervision of French army officers, designed to strengthen and challenge your teamwork and decision-making skills.

Connect with the Corporate World. Our Career Management Center will provide you with the support and assessment you need to take your career to the next level. With the help of the Career Management Centre, 90% of the graduation class find work within three months of graduation, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and L’Oréal being amongst the top MBA recruiters for the program. You will be connected to the right corporations and have access to our celebrated global network of HEC alumni. As well as the many off-campus corporate meetings, we work closely with recruiters and regularly invite them on campus for one-on-one meetings and group presentations. In addition to privileged access to prominent business leaders, we foster an exciting and open environment, allowing you to foster strong relationships with peers and alumni from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds. 

Are you ready for the transformation?

Associate Dean- HEC Paris MBA

Andrea Masini - Associate Dean HEC Paris MBA