16 June 2010

Jennifer captained the HEC Paris girls football team, MBAT 2010

“The women’s football team really stepped it up this year. During the preliminary games defenders Kristin Baker and Katherine Zouein were unbeatable, leading to solid wins. Up front exchange students Daniella Alvarez and Erin Hammond (E Hamm) brought the heat and put pressure on the Cranfield and Manchester Business School’s defense. HEC faced LBS in the semi-final. It was a tough match with HEC coming out victorious and advancing to the final. In the final, HEC took on Oxford for a grueling 25 minutes, however the score remained tied. Oxford scored an incredible goal on a header from a corner kick in the first over-time period which put them ahead. Oxford held on for the win, defeating HEC in double-overtime.”

Jennifer Winston, MBA 2011

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