30 September 2010

“Most people run a race to see who is fastest.  I run a race to see who has the most guts”  Steve Prefontaine

Well, it was guts, fun, hard work, and inspiration working for the HEC MBA Runners team. As we compose this brief report on the experience of HEC MBA Students in the Paris Versailles 16 km run, we have collated first hand information from the runners on how it all began, how they went through the process of preparation along with their hectic schedules, experience on the day of the run and beyond the run.

It all started when the newly admitted students were discussing over Linkedin about common interests and it sprang up that there are a number of long distance runners in the group. The initiative was taken by David Boursin, who also went ahead to create a group on Google Groups, connecting everyone. Each one of us took an initiative in providing information for sign-up, previous experiences to encourage newbie runners and training experiences.

Once in campus, we all had to juggle between our schedules and the training. With the weather in Jouy en Josas supporting us well, there were regular group runs in the campus. At times the schedules did not match, and at other times, students were worried about lesser practice. But some of us, like Françoi-Xavier were really serious and sincere (Françoi-Xavier finished 16 km in 58 mins 56 seconds).

On the day of the run, Raphaël picked some of us from Residence Expansiel and we met the other runners at The Eiffel Tower. The crowd was awesome. With 22000 people ready for running, the area was energized! The HEC MBA team was proud to wear ‘I Love HEC’ T-shirts and posed for numerous pictures. As the race began, there were many people in the crowd shouting, ‘Allez, HEC!’ and prodding us to keep running faster. People came out of their houses to cheer us, children were singing songs, courtyards played music and there were many handing over water, sugar, (and even gift dolls!) throughout the way. There were groups spreading messages such as for world peace and breast cancer awareness. The track has a number of stretches with high slopes and it was almost like climbing a hill at times.

As we kept on covering km by km, there anxiousness and happiness kept on increasing together. Even when we think, we cannot, we can! The run proved it. The following are the timings of the HEC MBA Team:

Françoi-Xavier : rank: 62 – time: 00:58:56

Raphaël : 1122 – 01:11:31

Massimo : 8130 – 01:25:42

Louis : 10457 – 01:29:18

David : 12828 – 01:33:47

June-Won : 13016 – 01:34:12

Jeev Sahoo : 15171 – 01:39:27

Jiyeong Kim: 15559 – 01:40:50

Justine : 16217 – 01:43:20

Heartfelt congratulations to one and all!

The pride of HEC MBA lives on! Hurray!

Jeev Sahoo (Divyajeevan SAHOO, Sep 2010 Intake, HEC MBA)

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