12 October 2010

“As a consumer, each of us exhibit a certain type of behaviour while making a choice from amongst the plethora of alternatives available in the market place. It is this behaviour that experts have tried to map by establishing a pattern about the way we make decisions. The elective ‘Creative Marketing’ (formerly known as Consumer knowledge) explores the process of making decisions through research in Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Economics. Professor Corinne Dauger has refreshed and updated the contents of the elective to provide more focus on businesses that are driven by creation, businesses such as Luxury, Games, Entertainment, etc.

Professor Corinne Dauger, who has been a Managing Director at Procter & Gamble – Laundry Products Europe, used real life examples to illustrate how marketers utilize the consumer knowledge to market their brand. Professor Dauger talked about everything from firms’ advertising copy strategies to human behaviour knowledge in terms of ‘Theory of Involvement’, ‘Hierarchy of needs’, etc. She talked about the how marketers persuade consumers through reason (facts, proof, logic, etc.) to make the consumers understand, think, and agree and through faith (testimonials, emotions, imagination, etc.) to make the consumers feel, be moved, and adhere to the marketers’ communications. She also talked about the importance of cognitive persuasion to obtain the attention of the consumers; she highlighted how marketing communications need to have impact and be key benefit focused to successfully obtain and retain the attention of the consumers. She talked about how marketers evoke positive/negative emotions, emotions such as ‘fear’ and ‘guilt’ to create an impact with their marketing communications.

Professor Dauger also highlighted the analytical and creative approach towards product innovation, types of innovations and their rates of success, diffusion model (innovators, early adaptors, early majority, late majority, laggards), Value Management, etc, to help us better understand consumer behaviour. She concluded the sessions with a live case on Nespresso, a case where participants leveraged the learning from her sessions to propose strategies to Nespresso in countering the threat posed by the launch of bio-degradable espresso capsules (compatible with Nespresso machines) by Ethical Coffee Company (ECC) and Sara Lee. The application of learning from the sessions was quite evident in the quality of strategies proposed; for example our proposal of Nespresso offering product warranty conditional of exclusive use of Nespresso coffee pods was devised through the application of theory of persuasion of the consumer by evoking the negative emotion of ‘fear’.

As an MBA Participant with 5 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, the professor’s sessions helped me to structure my thoughts and decision making process. I will highly recommend future MBA Participants to undertake this elective to better understand the consumer behaviour and thus become a better marketer.”

Avishek Sarkar, MBA 2011


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    Gustavo Adolfo Gonzalez B

    Thank you very much Avishek for sharing your experience on the Creative Marketing sessions. I am looking forward to take this elective that will help focus my interest on marketing technological (intangible) products which need those innovating and creative techniques.

  2. 2.

    One of the best classes I have taken at HEC! Corinne uses her professional experience in both FMCG and Luxury to (so elegantly) explain the similarities and differences among marketing roles within these different industries. She is passionate and brings her experience into the classroom. This year the class was offered in a condensed, one week module. We were there bright-eyed 8am every morning, for 7 hours each day, 5 consecutive days…and at the end, we were asking for more. That’s pretty impressive.

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    Jacqueline Bielecki

    The pursuit of this certificate in conjunction with an MBA focused in International Business; combined with both my work experience and my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer, allow me to pursue an unusually strong academic and career path that fit my goals and objectives.

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