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06 May 2011

“India Week is a collection of great events where HEC students combine their talents with the goal of promoting Indian culture and bringing together various traditions from different parts of India. This year it was organized from 28th February to 3rd March. For four days HEC students enjoyed delicious Indian food, wore Indian outfits, had their hands painted with henna and performed spectacular dances, among many other events. The highlight of the week was the Gala night. The active participation of non-Indians made this night special. Participants from USA, Portugal, Venezuela, Russia, Japan,Romania etc joined their Indian peers to give scintillating dance performances on Bollywood numbers and Fashion show. Other highlights of the evening were Folk Dance Acts by professional troupe and scrumptious Indian Food. ”

Andrea Zugravu, MBA Participant from Romania adds “To say I liked India Week is an understatement. I loved learning Hindi dances, enjoyed the food tremendously and promised myself that the next dress I buy, will be a sari. However, the highlight of the week was seeing the teamwork and cooperation that went into making the various events a success. It was great to see how everyone came together and handled various tasks like crunching numbers, coordinating food delivery, dancing, and designing posters with such grace. I got to make a lot of friends and feel an integrated part of the HEC community and though it was a lot of work, I would happily do it all again.”

India Week Organizing Team

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