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17 October 2011

HIEP Exchange program, September 2011

“During the HEC Paris – IIMB Exchange Program (HIEP), from 5th to 11th September 2011, HEC MBA Part-Time participants had the opportunity to be immersed in the Indian business environment through a series of classroom lectures given by IIMB Professors, visit top Indian companies such as TATA ELXSI, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital and attend a corporate conference with Rural Shores – a pioneer Indian company with  innovative business model and high social impact.

The week’s program was very demanding and well designed. Time slots allowed us to work on joint projects with our IIMB MBA counterparts on topics like “Equity investment in social businesses in India”, “Foreign investment in Indian agriculture” and “Luxury Industry challenges and opportunities in India”. These projects are a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning of business and management in both France and India. It was truly inspiring to meet our colleagues after several months of remote work on these projects.

Through a series of classroom lectures given by IIMB Professors and professionals, we learnt about the challenges and opportunities in India and saw that regulation plays a major role in doing business in India.

During this amazing week we had also the opportunity to discover Bangalore: a growing metropolis with its Electronic City neighbourhood (named the Silicon Valley of India), its colourful markets, its beautiful gardens, its traffic jams and its awesome temples. We had the pleasure to visit ISKCON Temple, which is a finest fusion of modern and traditional elements of architecture. On the Sunday before the exchange week started, we visited Art of Living Center. It was a rare experience to be there during the visit of Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Bangalore is also nicknamed the Garden City. The IIMB campus contributes with its luxuriant vegetation to this image, standing like an oasis of calm in a lively neighbourhood. This environment helped us to multiply the exchanges and enhanced collaborative group work.

Jean-Paul EFANG-MBOME, Part-Time MBA 2012, said that he discovered an interesting application of Taylorism to surgery during the visit of Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital:

“During our week in India we had the opportunity to visit the Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals, this health center very different from the one we come across in Europe. The first things that touched our minds when we arrived were the different of scale compared to a regular European hospital, the technological advance and the process put in place by the chain of management. These factors combined with the use of pioneer techniques like the tele-medecine and remote surgery guidance allow these hospitals not only to save lives by making medicine affordable but also by giving access to medicine to people in rural areas.”

Personally, the corporate conference with Mr. Murali Vullaganti, Co-Founder & CEO of Rural Shore was very inspiring. During two hours the guest speaker talked us about a very challenging subject: How to be competitive and profitable in India involving in the products or services value creation talents situated on the rural area. This subject joins another subject: How to be profitable selling your produces or services to the “Bottom of the pyramid”. Mr. Murali Vullaganti answered the question simply making a presentation about Rural Shores’s vision, mission, employees, clients, and partners. He showed us that yes it is possible for a company to be profitable and competitive and in the same time to create employment opportunities and social development for the “Bottom of the pyramid”. Rural Shores for sure has an innovative business model. I had also the opportunity to exchange with two Rural Shores’s employees and saw that they are very proud of what they do. Now, I’m wondering how this experience can help us to create similar social shaping approaches in other countries or other industries”.

The program’s next step will be in December 2011, when the IIMB participants selected for this program will visit HEC Paris.”

Bianca Roatis, Part-Time MBA, Class of 2013

About HIEP

HIEP is a participant exchange initiative between the Part-Time MBA Program at HEC Paris and the MBA Program at IIMB. As part of this initiative, up to 36 MBA participants from HEC Paris visit IIMB and an equal number of participants from IIMB visit HEC Paris every year. Part-Time HEC MBA participants work on joint projects with their counterparts from IIMB on topics of mutual interest. These projects are expected to lead to a deep appreciation of the business environment on both sides, in a short period of time.

About IIMB

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is a center of excellence in management, recognized as one of the leading management schools in the world, with international standards of post-graduate and doctoral level teaching, executive education for senior and middle management, research and consulting. In recent years IIMB has been consistently ranked number one or number two business school in India, with many major surveys ranking IIMB #1. IIMB’s alumni occupy important positions in industry and the public sector in India, as well as globally. Created in 1973, the sprawling 100-acre campus is a green oasis situated in south Bangalore

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11 October 2011

Monday, September 19th, 2011, 6:00 PM

At Women in Leadership club’s inaugural conference, the MBA HEC students were honoured to have Mrs. Sabine Dandiguian as guest speaker. Mrs. Dandiguian is Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Janssen EMEA, Johnson & Johnson group and former President of Janssen France and Janssen Belgium.

A noble topic: “LIFE”

Before the conference, we were excited about what we believed would be an opportunity to learn more about pharmaceutical industry economic model and the ongoing changes in markets.

Mrs. Dandiguian sent us a very inspiring message about how much Janssen enriches its employees and the communities around the world. She said that, despite of some rumours (that are circulating) about the pharmaceutical industry; the aim of the industry is a noble topic: “LIFE”.

Markets and Challenges: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Through clear examples, we learnt the importance of the change process that pharmaceutical companies are operating, from developed markets to the emerging markets.

Mrs. Dandiguian said that the changing structure of the pharmaceutical industry is driven by several factors: patent expiration for blockbuster drugs, healthcare budget deficit, cost and price evolution, increase demand in regulation & transparency, R&D productivity and accessibility.

On the innovation side, our speaker said that the “integrate information” will play a major role in a better diagnosis and an accelerate access to the treatments. Patients, hospitals, physicians and pharmacies will be more and more connected through Internet.

Nevertheless, Janssen wants to “reach the best of science” by building bridges between biotech, biomarkers and pharmaceutical companies, academic, patients associations.

We had also an interesting benchmark presentation on the economic business models of some important Johnson & Johnson competitors.

Leadership and Diversity at Johnson & Johnson

The empowerment of the local teams by decentralisation, the right people in the right country/market, the collaborative taking decision style, the self awareness and adaptability are some of the Johnson & Johnson corporate values and drivers for excellence that Mrs. Dandiguian shared with us.

The diversity of origins/culture, thoughts, gender exists at all the levels in the company, said Mrs. Dandiguian.

At the end of the conference, as a conclusion Mrs. Dandiguian accentuated how important is the credo at Johnson & Johnson and how the credo embraces all the values of the company and is anchored very deep in all the processes and interactions, either internally or externally.

Bianca Roatis, Part-Time MBA 2012

Audience feedback

“I spent a very good moment to this conference. The speaker was a charismatic person, who gave us a lot of key information helping us to understand better Janssen strategies in emerging markets. Despite some recent debates in France about this subject, we could put some open questions about the pharmaceutical sector, too. This was the first time that I attended a WiL conference and what is sure is that… I will attend as much as I can to those conferences, thanks!”

Linda Goumara, Part-Time MBA 2012

“What I really enjoyed during the conference was the finest analysis presented by Mrs. Dandiguian about the changes and challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces and will faces during the next decade. I discover a very dynamic industry beside the constraints: regulatory, cost, social/cultural, etc. It was interesting to see how the business development strategy in emerging markets fits with the HR & Diversity strategy and with the Johnson & Johnson corporate values. Furthermore, the communication talent of our speaker contributed to facilitate the highly appreciated interaction with the audience. Thank you to the Johnson & Johnson team (Mrs. Muriel Malbezin – Vice president Medical Affairs and Mrs. Maryse Veysseyre-Smol – Executive Assistant to MD & HRD) for this opportunity to interact and learn from the unique experiences of Mrs. Dandiguian.

Bianca Roatis, Part-Time MBA 2012

Special thanks to the organizers for putting the events together:

  • Bianca Roatis, President
  • Blanca Edigo-De-Miguel, Vice-President
  • Mariana DOMINGUEZ-SALAS, Corporate Relations Director
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