14 November 2011

“Continuing the tradition, the Asia Pacific Business Club organized a very successful ten day trek to the Asia Pacific region this year. Seventeen participants visited nineteen companies in Singapore and Hong Kong. The trek was not limited to a particular industry sector; the companies visited were from very diverse industry sectors such as Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, Luxury, Energy etc. Visiting the companies confirmed the notion that there is significant growth potential in Asia. All the companies visited were hiring. In general, Singapore companies cater to the South East Asian market whereas the Hong Kong companies are focused on the Chinese market. Though knowledge of local language is advantageous, it is not required to find a suitable opportunity. The trek highlighted that strategy for searching a job in Asia is different than in other parts of the world. The most effective way to search for job opportunities is by being on the ground and by in-person networking.

Apart from the company visits, the other highlights of the trek were the networking events. Five separate events were organized to facilitate networking with alumni in Singapore and Hong Kong, fellow MBA participants from NUS, HKUST, and CUHK. These events further helped build relationships with the local alumni and participants, and provided deeper insights into job-search strategies and target companies.

Many thanks to all the organizers of the trek who put in significant effort and devoted numerous hours in building relationships with the companies, organizing the company visits as well as the networking events, and taking care of the logistics of the trek. The trek greatly succeeded in strengthening existing relationships and building new relationships setting the stage for the 2012 trek.”

Praveen Prathy, Full-time MBA 2012

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