06 December 2011

The HEC Paris representing team at the NRG Battle in the Netherlands - Team Grontmij / Alliander – won the International NRG Battle 2011 for their idea about using Biogas in different ways. HEC Paris MBA participants and members of the winning team, Divyajeevan Sahoo and Marcio Fleury-Ribeiro, explain all:

“With participants from Brazil, India and Netherlands, coming from various Schools in France (HEC Paris) and Netherlands (Hanze University, Technical University Eindhoven), it was a truly diverse but coordinated effort for team Gronmitj-Alliander 2! For us, participating in the NRG Battle was not only a challenge but also a real learning experience. When two of the members decided to come from Paris to Groningen, they expected to meet new people, new companies and have the opportunity to put in practice what they are learning in the MBA in a sector that they are really interested in. The outcome was above the expectations for the whole team: we discover that, more than what we expected, when you meet people with the same spirit (even if you never met them before), you can deliver amazing results, and no less important, have a lot of fun!
An environment of free communication and collaboration aligned with different backgrounds and complementary skills of the team were essential to reach the result.

For the finals, we visited the customers, went into the field and worked on improving the innovations we proposed in the last round, making them feasible technically and economically and also discussing new ideas to improve the usage of biogas in a balanced and sustainable way. We reached out to the actual people involved in the village, with the key stakeholders, and optimizing uniqueness of solution vis a vis its implementation constraints.
The finals were a part of the European Energy Delta Convention 2011. Being in the leadership of the HEC MBA Energy Club, it was a great networking opportunity for the club and ourselves. It was a great experience to be the European Champions. In addition, we are looking forward to patent the idea we pitched in the finals we won!”

To find out more about the NRG Battle, visited their website: www.nrgbattle.nl

Compilation NRG Battle – Finals, November 23 2011

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