02 March 2012
Negosim is a computer-based business simulation exercise that participants take part in during their first few weeks at HEC Paris. Participants are placed in groups to solve real-life business problems and manage a company that competes in international markets. Negosim simulates 18 months in the life of a company in just 3 days. Full-time MBA participant Kelly tells us about her experience of Negosim at the start of this year.

“Refresh. It was nearly midnight and I couldn’t pry myself away from my computer screen. I could hear the party going on outside and knew my friends were waiting for me; one of them gave me a call: “Kelly, are you coming to the piano bar?” Refresh. The results were going to be updated any minute. Refresh. Party? Was she nuts? Refresh. For the past hour I had been talking on Skype and reloading the results page. The results would make or break the future of our company, Real Malaysia. Refresh. My palms were clammy and my heart was beating fast.

Refresh. Then I saw it, our book to market ratio had reached 2.4 from 1.9! We were among the top firms and could be proud. We had just purchased two plants in Malaysia and formed a joint venture with the Americans. However, my joy was premature as I noticed the letter of information for Q3 announcing future economic difficulties that would trickle from the U.S to Europe and then Asia. Now it was time to go to the piano bar and warn everyone. I found myself halfway through the hallway when there were enough people around me to make my declaration appropriate: “there’s a financial crisis in the US!” – not the real U.S. of course, about which I may have cared a little less at this precise moment, but in Negosim Univese 2.

I had to inform the others. Within minutes I was typing away to let my business partners know the good news and future obstacle. They responded in real time. “Yes, we were right to buy the raw materials from the Americans you see…” I had to put Bhoopi on hold. “We must think about what the other firms will do next and always keep high management fees…” Rémi was looking ahead. “But make sure we have enough cash to borrow,” Fernando was cautious. “We should be very happy!” said Iris, forever the optimist.

In three days we had gone from strangers to acquaintances and months later, my Negosim teammates are among my favorite people in the MBA program. In three days, I ran a multinational company. I negotiated, I dealt, I analyzed and I looked at the bottom line.

In three days, I did what some do in a lifetime.

For Iris, Bhoopi, Fernando, Rémi and Bernard.”

Kelly B, January 2012 intake

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  1. 1.

    An exciting game! Love it!

    Thanks to my team mates, I had a great time and learnt a lot!

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