07 March 2012

“Lions dancing to the beat of drums and cymbals, cheongsam-adorned ladies sashaying to the tune of a Chinese oldie, MBA participants of all nationalities executing the moves of taichi, our western friends performing a fashion show in Chinese traditional costumes, these were all highlights of the grand finale to the Chinese Cultural Week at HEC MBA.

The Chinese Cultural Week was organized by MBA participants from China, Taiwan and Singapore. Through a week of events, which took place from 6 Feb to 10 Feb, the organizers aimed to share interesting elements of Chinese culture with their fellow MBA participants.

Each day, programs of a variety of themes were held during lunch break and in the evenings. There were workshops that showcased Chinese arts, crafts, games and cuisine, fairs where participants got a taste of Chinese snacks and a movie night where a Chinese and a Taiwanese film were screened. On the professional front, the organizing team invited two of the event’s corporate sponsors, Huawei and ChinForm, to give presentations to participants on working for companies in China.

The Chinese Cultural Week was held right after the Chinese New Year this year, bringing an extension of the celebrations to the HEC MBA Building. The organizers would like to thank the event’s sponsors, Huawei, ChinForm, the Chinese Embassy, the Taiwanese Embassy and Contact Singapore, for their generous sponsorship that made the event a success.”

Chia Yui, Lee

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