14 May 2012

“One of the highlights about the HEC MBA experience is the Leadership Seminar at The École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (Special Military School of Saint-Cyr). This 2 day event is designed to challenge the MBA participants mentally and physically as they work on their leadership skills through individual and team activities. The Leadership Seminar is conducted and lead by representatives of the French Armed Forces.

The Team Challenges

The objective of the team challenges is to develop our the individual leadership ability of the participants while leveraging off their inherent capabilities. Every participant was assigned a leader for each of the various challenges. The role included general coordination of the team to deliver against the objective of the task. At the end of the task – the team members as well as the Military supervisor would take turns providing feedback to the participant.

We all learnt a few things about our leadership styles, and most importantly we received feedback on how to be more effective in leadership roles.

Individual Challenges

Though the Individual challenges seemed to be testing physical abilities, they were actually more geared around helping the participants take on their fears. To successfully complete the tasks the participants had to motivate themselves to overcome their fears in tackling what seemed like impossible tasks.”

Nhlamulo Baloyi, Class of 2013

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