26 February 2013

The many professional clubs at HEC Paris MBA provide opportunities to create a peer network of similar interests, meet with alumni, industry leaders and learn more about a particular sector.

Here’s a  first hand account of one of our recent MBA Speaker Series as reported by current student Julie Haspeslagh (Class 2014):

An MBA at HEC Paris is about learning new things and developing yourself: the more you know the more your dare! The modular education system allows us to choose those educational experiences that are best for your personal plan: specialized courses, certificates, internships or fieldwork projects. Doing all this will get you a great education… But…

… that’s not where it stops… An MBA at HEC Paris is more about meeting new people, discovering new cultures and learning about companies, businesses and career choices. One of the greatest ways to experience this is through our student run MBA clubs.

Speaker Series for Wines Club HEC

HEC MBA Student with Guest speaker

This week the MBA clubs had the chance of welcoming Yann Soenen, HEC MBA 2009. As Regional Director Asia Pacific Champagnes for Pernod Ricard, our alumnus came to talk to us about the challenges brands are facing managing global brands in emerging and established markets. Taking the example of the Mumm Champagne, we talked about business development in markets such as France, China and Australia.

Wines Marketing Luxury Club members HEC MBA

Wines Luxury Club members HEC MBA

I believe that hearing personal experiences of an alumnus on career progress, business challenges and getting insights into new markets is the best way of guiding yourself in your after-MBA choices! Working for the clubs is also a great way to make friends, discover new things and simply have fun!

Julie Haspeslagh HEC Paris MBA

3 Marketing & Media Club co-presidents

At the end of the event, Members from the Marketing & Media Club, the Luxury Club, the Wines & Spirits Club and the Asia Pacific club had the chance to learn in person from Yann Soenen how to open a Champagne bottle with a glass and to taste the wonderful Perrier Jouet Champagne! Nobody got hurt.. ;-). Don’t hesitate to check our HEC Campusgroups website to find out all about our upcoming events!

Mumm Champaign at HEC Paris MBA

Thank you Yann Soenen!

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