17 April 2013

At HEC Paris MBA our staff members are as diverse and dedicated to the ideas of leadership, community and personal growth as the students we attract.  In our new blog feature: ‘Meet the Team’ we wanted to take you, our readers, behind the scenes to learn more about our team.

You’ve probably met them if you’re a student or an alum or you’ll probably meet them somewhere along your HEC Paris journey if you’re an applicant or a new admit.

Mathieu coordinates our Admissions team at HEC Paris MBA; ensuring applications are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Mathieu’s role centers on the Admission Juries and ensuring that all candidates receive the information and support they need during the application process.  Along with the Admissions Team, he oversees every application we receive to ensure an excellent selection of applicants with strong academic standing, personal progression and professional diversity.

Mathieu began working at HEC in March 2010 as an Admissions Officer. Prior to working here he studied Fashion Marketing in London, and graduated with a BA from The London College of Fashion.  Having experienced many other industries and after a change of heart he moved to the Education sector and joined us at HEC Paris.

Describe a typical day in your shoes

I arrive at the office, having dropped my son off at school. Next I get down to my emails; I always receive many throughout the night due to the time difference between us and many of our international applicants. Then, I’ll start responding to questions, organizing admissions meetings and dealing with funding issues.

Throughout the day the admissions team prepares all received applications for the Admissions Juries, where we discuss candidates’ profiles for selection to the MBA Program.

Twice per week my colleagues and some of the MBA students play basketball or handball, during lunch time, before getting back to work.

Do you have any application advice for those considering an MBA?

It is vital that applications are coherent and that candidates have honest, concrete stories behind their words. A trustworthy application is a solid one.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on an application form?

Once I received an application from an artist who offered the school a sculpture as part of his tuition fees… that’s something we don’t get every day, and something we don’t accept as payment!

Tell us about your favorite part of your role here…

I love my job and it is very satisfying when we get to meet the students when they finally arrive on campus and it’s touching when they take the time to thank the team for our help.

… And your least favorite?

When I am unable to solve a candidate’s problem – when it is out of my hands.  But we do our best to pass them on to the person or team best suited to help them with their concerns.

And finally a few quick fire questions to put Mathieu on the spot!

What’s your life motto?

It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts; but how many times you get back up.

Bizarre fact about you?

Every year I compete in the MBA Tournament, so far I’ve played three times – and won three times. Each year I’ve gained 2 credits, meaning if I continue for around another 50 years, I’d have enough credits for an MBA!

Are you following us on twitter?

I don’t have a twitter account – but I do follow on Facebook and I know all about #transformationison.

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