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24 June 2013

Adelaide FatetAdelaide Fatet

We’re sending a very warm welcome to Adelaide Fatet; the newest addition to our MBA team. Adelaide joined us in March 2013 as part of the Development Team, and is featured here in our Meet the Team series.

Adelaide’s background truly fits with our program; as a multinational French-Lebanese and Canadian who has lived and worked worldwide Adelaide can really identify with both prospective and current MBA participants. Educated in Political Sciences, Adelaide’s academic experience was split between France and Canada – equipping her with a real appreciation for international study. Having experienced an exciting career working for the French Embassy in Canada as a Diplomat and dealing with high profile officials and French companies based overseas, Adelaide made the move back to France two years ago.

After securing experience working for another French Business School, Adelaide looked for an opening in another international, top tier Business School. Teamed with our location in the heart of France and close to the world renowned business hub of Paris, HEC Paris met all Adelaide’s requirements to further continue with her career in Business Development.

Adelaide’s role here as a Development Manager focuses on recruiting the best participants to ensure the experience all participants receive is the best it can ever be. The Development Teams aim is to uphold the standards and integrity of the program. Adelaide centres on recruiting from North America, and Part-time students from France, informing interested prospective students about our program, the HEC MBA experience and the application procedure.

A piece of advice from Adelaide for anyone considering an MBA:

‘‘be sure of exactly why you wish to join an MBA program – it’s not a decision to be taken lightly as the program is an experience that will change your life.’’

It is vital all candidates have a clear goal to aim towards with the MBA, and Adelaide also believes in the importance of timing – ‘‘it’s paramount that it’s the right time in a candidate’s life to embark on an MBA program.’’

Speaking of more practical advice, Adelaide moved on to mention the importance of international exposure, career progression and having a sound GMAT score before considering an MBA program.

Equipped with an excellent life motto ‘Be daring and always do the best you can’ Adelaide is determined to aid our MBAs progression and development over her time here.

Look out for Adelaide around campus and at recruitment events near you soon!

Are you interested to know how you match up to the MBA program? Why not complete a quick profile check online and hear back from Adelaide, or send her an email at

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20 June 2013

Class of 2013 HEC Paris MBA

The ambiance was festive and bright as the graduating class of 2013 commenced on the HEC Campus for their final adieu.

As the group arrived with their friends and family, laughter was in the air. Many of the new graduates were travelling from outside of France for this very special occasion and happy to have been reunited with their fellow classmates.

Some MBAs were here with their spouses and children.  Some were here with their parents who are also alums of HEC Paris.

Before the graduation ceremony guests enjoyed some cocktails in our Garden Party with a band.

garden party hec paris mba


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07 June 2013

HEC Paris MBA welcome event with hobsons beat the gmat daniela locreille

We recently held an International Welcome Event to some of the world’s top companies and influencers within the MBA education arena. It was our pleasure to have Daniela Locreille from Hobsons U.S., Beat the GMAT over the three days.

On Friday the group got a firsthand introduction to the HEC Paris MBA experience; our long history of educational excellence and our goals for the future of the program was presented by Dean Bernard Garrette.

Later on, after the presentation we dispatched for a tour of the campus with some of the other stakeholders and members of the MBA program team such as Luciano Roland (Associate Director Development Global Initiatives) and Philippe Oster (HEC Paris MBA Communication, Development and Admissions Director).

We wrapped up event was a networking dinner at the Trianon Palace Hotel in Versailles.

Saturday was Grand Slam day.  We gathered at the famous French Open for breakfast and then on to some tennis watching.

Daniela, Director of Student Marketing, specializes in global strategic marketing, communication and student outreach, as well as development of key  in-country partnerships to position Hobsons top products worldwide.

“I was very impressed by the warm welcome of the administrators and faculty of HEC, Paris. This was probably the most global staff I have ever met, from over 30 different countries, one cannot stop but think what a rich multicultural experience it must be to study here. The highlight of the event was hearing first-hand the experiences of 4 current MBA students, what made them choose this prestigious institution over others that were probably more suitable because they were in their own home countries.  Each one of these students exuded values that any company would like to have in their employees: true leadership, passion and purpose, a dare to challenge their environment and above all camaraderie and teamwork.”

We look forward to a continuous collaboration from companies such as Hobsons, BEAT The GMAT for creating such a strong online network of information to top level MBA candidates and also spreading the message of HEC Paris MBA internationally.

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05 June 2013

HEC Paris has a long history of excellence that is tied to the prestigious French Open at Roland Garros.

Roland Garros is a noted French aviator who studied in HEC Paris and who became famous when he achieved the first non-stop flight across the Mediterranean Sea in 1913. In 1920s, a tennis centre which he attended consistently when he was studying in Paris was named after the pilot – Stade de Roland Garros – which accommodates the French Open, one of tennis’ Grand Slam tournaments.

This past Saturday June 1st 2013, we held a networking event with international alums, students, professors,  and perspectives.  Some of the guests came from the USA, China, Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece and were hosted in a special VIP Tent in collaboration with Roland Garros.

Here are some photos from the event:

Dean Bernard Garrette with student at French Open VIP event

hec mba russian alumn and prospective


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04 June 2013

Key dates for our MBA program throughout June

Admissions News

Admission Jury 6th June - Decisions will be made for candidates applying for September 2013 and January 2014 intakes.

Graduation Ceremony 14th June– The Admissions Team will be present at the ceremony looking for graduates who would like to play an integral part in our admissions process; interviewing candidates across the globe.

Development News

Campus Visits

Three opportunities to visit our campus and learn more about the MBA program:

June 14th

June 18th

June 26th

Click here to learn more and secure your place.

Virtual Information Session

June 25th – Information session for Middle East and African Candidates. Learn about the program, campus and opportunities available with a HEC MBA by chatting with one of our Development managers. Click here to sign up!

Who’s who?

Keen to know more about the MBA program? Get in touch with one of our Development Team:

Pierrette Doz-Perdrix- Middle East, Africa and East and South Asia, Oceania

Michael Scott – Europe and Latin America

Adelaide Fatet – North America, France Part-time option.

Anais Ressot-Grande – France Full-time option, Central Asia

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