18 July 2013

Located in the MBA building, the CAREER MANAGEMENT CENTER (CMC) offers participants a rich array of services ranging from coaching to how to build a career plan via sector advice and meetings with businesses.

Customized services

Founded in 2009 at the initiative of Tony Somers, the CMC offers a very different approach from a standard career management department in that it provides individual follow-up throughout the students’ academic studies. Indeed, all these students already have professional experience and their decision to study at HEC often signifies a desire to change orientation and profession.

As soon as they arrive, students are issued a ‘passport’ containing the individual program they are to follow. This passport will accompany them throughout their studies. Beforehand, they will have had an individual interview in order to clarify their expectations and their character traits.

Students can then go on to pursue their studies and plan their career management along three specific lines: “Know Yourself”, “Know the Market”, and “Match Yourself and the Market”.

In parallel to students’ lessons, coaching sessions, workshops and learning modules are thus offered all year long, alternating with individual interviews. Theater classes and various other events are also proposed, including meetings with recruiters and alumni.

These alumni are very prominent and willing to share their experience and guide future graduates. Before leaving the campus, students write up a report for them, explaining their career plan. Following this work they get feedback and an assessment, both of which are much appreciated.

“Everyone should be able to find the job of their dreams; the CMC doesn’t actually supply jobs but is there to help define and build the participant’s aspirations,” explains Corinne Bonifay, Associate Director, Operations.

To achieve this, the CMC (in particular its team of Corporate Development Managers) tackles the “Match Yourself and the Market” aspect of the program through long-term or recent ties with businesses.

Events on campus come at very regular intervals during the fall, the main hiring season: MBA Career Day, participation in other cross-department forums (Consulting, Finance, Crossroads), company presentations, conferences, treks, etc.

Suffice to say that the role of the CMC is crucial to the image of the HEC MBA. Once they have graduated, 89% of participants change profession (just 8% return to their former company), and do so within three months following graduation.

Today internationally acknowledged by numerous companies, the MBA and its CMC continue to take up the challenges of a constantly changing world.

NB – You can still sign up for the MBA Career Day for September 26th, 2013

(Source: Parole Exchanges)

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