09 August 2013

Admissions Recruitment Manager Pierrette Doz-Perdrix recruits MBA candidates from the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. She joined the HEC Paris MBA team in 2009 and also specializes in recruiting women MBA.

Pierrette travels to your cities via MBA fairs and various global information events with the French consulates or partner universities for example.   You  can also meet her on  campus and virtual information sessions frequently held online. She responds to all questions, concerns and queries from prospective students.

Today we asked her to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions by prospectives trying to get into the MBA program:

Q: How will I finance my MBA? Are there any scholarships dedicated specifically for candidates from my region?

A: Multiple financing options are available; you can find all the details on our website. Regarding the regions Pierrette works with personally, the Eiffel Scholarship, designed to bolster international recruiting by French schools of higher education, is often of interest.

Q: Can I live on campus? What’s the campus environment like?

A: We have dedicated MBA residences on campus, just a 5 minute walk away from the MBA building. We aim to accommodate every student who wishes to live on campus. The campus environment is one that fosters life-long friendships, with many social activities.

Another major benefit of the campus environment is the sheer diversity; 85% of students are international.  Cultural weeks are a prime example of this – students put on social activities, meals and parties typical to their native culture.

Pierrette often tells candidates about our Partners Club too – the club is a place for spouses of MBA students to get together, share their experiences and make the most of their time here at HEC. It’s a supportive environment in which people have made great friends over the years.

See more information on the Partners Club website here

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your work with female applicants, students and business women.

A: We are happy to see the increase in percentage of women MBA  increase to 33% in 2013 – a great success for Pierrette!

Pierrette is deeply involved in the Women in Leadership Club; the club focuses on topics that are close to Pierrette’s heart and she has always had a strong passion and interest for gender equality. Currently lead by two participants: Neisha Machado and Paula Quinones, the club works closely with our General Management Club, organizing events focused on women in leadership roles and fostering alumnae interactions. At HEC all women participants automatically become members of the European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN) and Forte Foundation, which creates further networking opportunities dedicated specifically to women.  On campus, the club participates in our Campus Visits, offering advice and support for all women candidates who visit. Check out the WIL Clubs blog here http://hecwomen.wordpress.com/ to learn more.

HEC Paris Pierette Presentation Beijing

If you’re thinking of applying from one of these regions below or a female candidate you can have your profile checked and email with Pierette here: doz-perdrix@hec.fr


Africa alone is vastly diverse, equating to a broad range of questions, concerns and candidates. Pierrette focuses on increasing brand awareness of HEC Paris on the African continent, ensuring those considering an MBA have a sound knowledge of our program and the HEC MBA experience.

Middle East

HEC Paris brand awareness is increasing here to be on par with the North American schools that come first to mind and typically European second. Pierrette works to inform prospective applicants of the internationality of our program, and highlights that all our courses are taught in English, with the additional benefits of foreign language modules available. We notice applicants from the Middle East tend to be extremely well travelled and benefit from large amounts of international experience, traits that positively impact the diversity and ability of our classes.

Asia Pacific

A European MBA is attractive especially for those applicants who value having an MBA with strong global alumni network and also niche related sectors so close to us, such as Luxury.  Being such an inspiration in France we have a large network and contacts with these corporations that regularly come on campus as well as some of the top thought leaders in their sectors as mentors (TEC) or speakers.

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