23 December 2013

Picking up on our Meet the MBA Team series, next in the hot seat is Michael Scott, Development Manager at HEC Paris for Europe and Latin America. Perhaps one of the more glamorous-sounding jobs in the team, Development Managers are your first point of contact with HEC Paris MBA, responsible for meeting our prospective candidates at MBA fairs around the world or through Virtual Information Sessions online. They are here to answer your questions and advise you on the next step whilst promoting our program all over the globe.

Michael first came to HEC Paris MBA in 2010, when he spent a year working in Admissions before becoming a Development Manager. This cross-departmental experience means that Michael knows our Admissions Process inside out, and is able to give our potential candidates the best possible advice.

Before coming to HEC Paris, Michael was already working in the Higher Education Sector, running business English seminars and international exchange programmes. But coming to HEC Paris still marked a complete departure for him. “Representing HEC is extremely exciting. We are the Alma Mater of CEOs in Europe and our network of alumni is extremely strong. I work in a highly networked position, supporting the work of colleagues across all the MBA departments by promoting HEC MBA internationally. I connect with and attract potential applicants from all over the world every single day.”

Indeed, it is the human aspect of Michael’s job that really motivates him day-to-day, as he meets and interviews highly talented individuals around the world, answering their questions and giving them vital pre-application support. Diversity is a key value at the heart of our program, and Michael’s position within the MBA team allows him to meet people from many different backgrounds, something which he certainly doesn’t take for granted; “International mobility is something I really value in my job. The whole world is here on campus. We have many different nationalities in the classroom: 85% international students. We go really far afield to ensure that the MBA is as diverse as possible.”

Michael in Argentina, as he works to attract and inform high-potential MBA candidates across the world

Considering his expertise and his close work with our Admissions Team, it would be rude to talk to Michael and not ask him for some advice for those considering an MBA at HEC. “I get asked this a lot! There are definitely regional trends and differences between the candidates I am meeting in different countries but in general the same advice applies to everyone. At HEC Paris, we value quality over quantity so you should apply when are in a position to submit the strongest, most competitive application possible; don’t rush anything simply to make the first round. Take your time and do the homework. Try to really express why you are going for an MBA and why HEC is your first choice of school.”

So, what’s next for Michael in his Development quest? “Over the coming months I’ll be going back to many countries I’ve visited previously, from which we have many excellent participants. I am also visiting some countries for the first time like Georgia and Bulgaria. That’s really exciting and I know already that we have great candidates waiting to meet us there.”

Thanks, Michael! Keep up the good work!

Michael’s upcoming events for January/February 2014:

  • 25th January – Paris, France
  • 27th January – Brussels, Belgium
  • 29th-31st January – London, UK
  • 3rd February – Madrid, Spain
  • 8th February – HEC Paris MBA Open Day
  • 11th February – Mexico
  • 13th February – Bogota, Colombia
  • 15th February – Kiev, Ukraine
  • 15th February – Lima, Peru
  • 17th February – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 18th February – Rio, Brazil
  • 21st February – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 22nd February – Moscow, Russia
  • 24th February – Santiago, Chile

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