04 July 2014

Lauranne recently joined the Development Team at HEC Paris MBA after 3 years at Columbia University in New York where she worked to develop new cooperation initiatives and dual degrees with French institutions. Added to her prior experience in the management of European programs in the Youth and Education fields, and it’s clear that Lauranne knows her way around the education system – both in France and abroad – making her the perfect advocate for our MBA program internationally. “I came to HEC Paris because I felt it was essential for me to find a position which will allow me to continue working for the promotion and development of global education programs,” she says, adding that her role as the Development Manager for North America (as well as the Part-time option in France) allowed her to maintain strong links with the United States.

As well as tying in her professional background, the Development Manager position at HEC Paris MBA appealed to Lauranne for reasons of sheer variety, as she is quick to point out there is no ‘standard work day’; “This is a strongly networked position at the best Business School in Europe…  The HEC MBA program brings students coming from a wide range of profiles and diverse backgrounds, which makes the experience so enriching as each and every candidate has a very unique profile.” On top of that, Lauranne is in constant contact with Alumni, corporate institutions and top academics across the globe.

It cannot be denied that Lauranne knows her stuff about the MBA Program, as her daily interaction with these people gives her an insight into what makes the most successful MBA student; what skills recruiters look for, what kind of students these Professors want to work with and what competencies help post-graduation. When asked what she looks for in an MBA candidate, she places the emphasis on communication and people skills, combined with a strong international profile; “The ideal MBA candidate needs to show high interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, while significant international exposure within past professional experiences and academic background is particularly valued at HEC.” Candidates shouldn’t shy away from emphasizing their international background or skillset during the applications process, either; “It is important to particularly highlight this aspect throughout the admission process and to show how your special professional and international experiences will contribute to the success of the classroom.”

As an expert of the MBA program, Lauranne is in high demand. If you are interested in meeting her, you can register for any of her upcoming events on our Development calendar. Some of these events include a tour of the North America in September, which will see Lauranne travel to Toronto, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles to attend MBA fairs and events organized with HEC Alumni. In the meantime, Lauranne will be organizing Part-time specific events throughout June and July including Breakfast Presentations, Negotiation Workshops and Virtual Information Sessions. Alternatively, you can sign up for a Drop-in session – a one-on-one conversation with one of our Development Managers – every Wednesday in Paris for individualized feedback on your MBA candidate profile.

So, does Lauranne have any advice for potential MBA candidates? Yes – do it! “At HEC Paris MBA, we work to prepare our candidates to become the future global leaders by offering them the chance to work and study alongside promising mid-level professionals from over 50 different countries. This is a real life changing experience!”

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