01 October 2014

The Part-time MBA option presents professionals with the unique opportunity to carry out their MBA studies while allowing them to minimize time away from the workplace. Spending just one week per month on campus allows participants to learn in class one week and then directly apply the skills they gained at work the next. By working and studying concurrently, Part-time students gain instantly applicable knowledge – a benefit both for themselves and for their employers. As owner of his own asset management firm, Mathieu Dessallien decided to pursue the Part-time option to gain valuable business skills to progress his career.

“Studying at HEC Paris will not only give me a diploma, it teaches me these competencies.”

One of the most frequently mentioned benefits of studying Part-time is the opportunity to mix with students from diverse professional backgrounds: from lawyers, to entrepreneurs, and even classical musicians – the diversity of the classes offers a variety of professional perspectives. The range of nationalities in each intake is equally beneficial for developing a global outlook: by working and collaborating with peers from different countries and cultural backgrounds, students develop a truly international perspective – a key skill needed in today’s diverse world of business. The program presents students with the opportunity to learn, expand their corporate network, enhance their leadership skills, all while allowing them to maintain a balance between their work and personal lives. Alongside her Part-time coursework, Flore Fesquet is looking into the possibility of starting her own firm.

“The Part-time option was good for me because it gave me the time to look into that [starting a firm] at the same time as studying, and it’s something I’m still considering.”

If there’s anything to be learned from the Part-time participants it’s that one mold does not fit all. Studying Part-time allows students both the flexibility and the time needed to develop a personalized plan to progress their careers.

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