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20 July 2015

Summer is officially here. For some, that conjures images of a relaxing beachside resort. However, for many of our students, it will mean reconnecting with the professional world. From fieldwork projects and internships to business case analyses, our students are taking a break from the classroom to put their business knowledge into practice.

One of these summer activities is a Fieldwork Project. This year, students have chosen a variety of projects ranging from product development and strategy to operations and finance. They allow the student to take a strategic look at an issue within a company. Some students have chosen to work individually while others have opted to work within teams of three or four fellow students. Listen here to hear about the Fieldwork experience from some of this year’s graduates.

Another option this summer is the newly designed Summer Business Challenge. Students had the opportunity to choose from a variety of cases proposed by various companies. They will have the entire summer to work on their strategic case analysis and will present their findings in front of company representatives in September. With classes over until the fall, this allows students to dedicate their full undivided attention to this one project and gain deeper insight into the strategic decisions of a company.

This fall, we will see students starting to customize their MBA experience. Some will go off on a semester exchange at one of our partner business schools while others will concentrate their studies on one of five Specializations. It will also be a very important time for the MBA Council which will be in charge of welcoming a whole new set of students. With a little more than a month to go before the new school year, this quick jump back into “the corporate world” is quickly ticking away.

HEC Paris MBA Class of 2016- Seine, Paris

Class of 2016 enjoying a drink along the Seine before summer break.

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