26 November 2015

Earlier this month, a few of our MBA students took part in a professional trek to Berlin. The trip began at Wayfair, a US based startup looking to expand in Europe, where they talked with managers about their global strategy and career opportunities.

MBA students visiting Wayfair

Next, the group went to Makers, a venture capital firm that invests in tech startups, where they had the opportunity to pitch their startup ideas to the founders and cofounders of Makers.

The students were then given feedback on their pitches and ideas on how to move forward. “Even though I didn’t pitch, I got really high-quality insights from the entrepreneur at Makers”, said Patricia Tohalino, MBA Class of 2017, “Their broad, 360, vision and suggestions for their projects presented helped me to be aware of the type of feedback I will expect in the future as well of the structure and approach that my future business idea will have to have in order to deliver a successful pitch in front of a VC or investor.”

Students pitching startup ideas to VC firm Makers ©Makers


Students pitching startup ideas to VC firm Makers ©Makers

“It was interesting to have the MBA students from HEC Paris pitching at MAKERS. They are future entrepreneurs that we would like to keep an eye on,” said Freidrich Neuman, the founder of Makers.

The trip then concluded with beers with alumni at Vagabund Brauerei. The trip was a success amongst the students that participated in it and Akash Narayanana from the MBA Class of 2017 described it as “a wonderful way for students to get introduced to the fascinating world of startups.”

Listen to what some other MBA students have to say about their experience on Soundcloud:

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