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28 March 2013

If you’re thinking about getting a Part-Time MBA, we know that it’s probably no easy decision for you. You weigh the pros and cons of choosing to keep your full time job while seeking to better your professional future with a new MBA. Location, length of program, intensity, class diversity, alumni network are but some of the factors that play into making your final decision.

Often times you wish you could just have a direct contact with an MBA student already immersed in the program at one of the schools you’re researching, right?

Brian Gardner, a Part-Time here at HEC Paris MBA recently wrote about his experiences in The Economist and tells it exactly like it is for him and could possibly be for you.

Brain talks about the

“well thought out curriculum” and that “after full days of classes, the evenings were filled with extra curricular and club-sponsored events…For example, the chief executive of Conde Nast France, an HEC MBA alumnus, shared his insights on communication, strategy and leadership before taking student questions.”

part time hec paris mba

Dean Bernard lectures an MBA Part-Time class

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